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Shovel & Salt in ice

The winter weather is fun right? You can have snowball fights, go sledging or make snowmen. However there are dangers that you need to be cautious of. Make sure you are prepared for the snow and ice with our ‘Shovel and Rock Salt’ offer and remember to stay safe on the roads.

Snow shovelRock salt bags











Our snow shovel (shown in the picture to the left) is a perfect product for removing snow and sluch from your driveways. It’s light, durable and sturdy with a long wooden, smooth handle for comfort when in use. The blade (actual shovel part) measures out as 30 x 42cm.

Our rock salt on the other hand is ideal for de-icing paths, driveways and steps. If you didn’t know, rock salt is used to disperse ice and provide a grit surface which improves vehicle tyre grips etc.

We have both bags of rock salt (shown above) in our stock however cannot determine which one we will have left when you order with us. Both bags contain the exact same quality rock salt product, we just have a difference of packaging in stock. 

We have picked our prices around you, our products will ensure you stay safe on the ice!


£3.99 each +VAT/p&p


£3.99 each +VAT/p&p

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