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Samson Black Sacks (tough)Medium Duty Black Refuse Sacks, a brand new product in our stock take and therefore we are providing you with our on-going offer!

samson black sacks front view crop

They may not be the strongest black sacks we have in stock but they are a reliable product and will always do the job they were designed to do, to keep your home, work place etc. waste free.

It’s hard to say no to this bargain with the price we’re selling a box of 200 sacks at!

Here at Subec Wiping Solutions, we are offering a box of 200 Medium Duty Black Refuse Sacks for:

£7.91 +VAT/+p&p

200 sacks is guaranteed to last you a long period of time therefore you buy 1 or more boxes with us now to save having to purchase them anywhere else for money money and less product.

We have plenty in stock so you can order as many boxes as you like and we will have them delivered to you on a next day delivery or within a few days.

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