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Subec Wiping Solutions Ltd provide a product called Fisherman’s Wipes (hygiene wipes) which protect anglers from Weils disease and other bacterial infections.

They’re non scented, extra strong and anti-bacterial.

Leptospirosis, commonly referred to as Weils disease, is a widespread bacterial disease that affects both humans and animals. Many different animals carry the bacterium that causes this disease such as cattle, pigs, horses, dogs, rodents and other wild animals.

Humans become infected through contact with water, food or soil containg the bacteria which has been distributed by the urine of the infected animal(s). The most common of which, as far as anglers are concerned, is the rat.

In order to stay clean around fishing areas you should purchase a tub of these wipes from us and get a special offer if you call 01455 618608. We provide a choice of 3 Weils disease products, check out the links and products images below:

Fisherman’s Wipes: http://www.subec.com/shop/wiping/fishermans-wipes-weils-disease/fisherman-s-hygiene-wipes


Go Wipe Weils disease non-abrasive: http://www.subec.com/shop/wiping/go-wipe-weils-150-sheet/go wipe grime


Go Wipe Weils disease abrasive: http://www.subec.com/shop/wiping/go-wipe-weils-abrasive-100-sheet/go wipe grime plus