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Hello and welcome to Subec Wiping Solutions Ltd, one of the UK's leading suppliers of hygiene and janitorial products. If you are having trouble finding a product that you are looking for, please give us a call on 01455 618608, our team at Subec look forward to hearing from you.

Why Subec?

Here at Subec Wiping Solutions we have been supplying soap dispensers, hand sanitizers, toilet rolls, paper towels and all manner of janitorial products for 15 years.

We supply a wide range of industries including manufacturing, commercial, food processing and to the care industry.

If you would like to hear more about what Subec can offer YOU please contact us on 01455 618608 for a no obligation chat!


Subec Wiping Solutions are new to the social media community and we have joined because we want to interact with you!

Our customers are important to us and we want to start building our social relationships with you over the social networks we are a part of such as Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn. We would be very thankful if you gave us a like/follow on our social media pages.


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Where has 2015 gone?

2015 is almost over, only 1 month left until a new year starts again. Time has flown by at Subec Wiping Solutions and we have had a crazy year, making brilliant relationships with new customers that we would like to thank for doing business with us. 

The last month for any company is crucial because we all want to reach our targets and finish the year off on a positive and not be worried to come back in the new year. 

We started our brand new e-marketing campaigns just the other week, contacting our customers about our special offers, we would like you to be a part of that so you can find out our exclusive deals when we send them out, (find out more by calling 01455 618608 or send us an email

The rise of new products that we have had in stock this year have made us very excited to start next year off with a BANG! and ensure our customers are happy with our products and services that we provide.

Because we are very new to social media we haven’t yet established our presence over the internet. We would therefore be extremely appreciative at Subec if you were to just come and check out or social media pages and give us a follow/like:

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Fun for everyone!

Snow sledges text

What more can be said? Everyone loves a good sled down the slopes every once in a while, it doesn’t matter how old you are and now you have the option to do just that with our snow sledges.

We want our customers to experience something different from Subec, so check them out!! 

3 sledges g, p, o

Above are our junior sizes which come in a variety of colours as example shows, green, pink and orange. With a gripped area for your feet they provide stability for your child. Also with a rope to hold onto for reinsurance when racing down the slopes at top speeds. These sledges are made of a quality material and are worth every penny.

Our junior size sledges are £4.99 each +VAT.

big red sledge

This is our adult size snow sledge, a strong structure allowing heavier people to sit on this product. These sledges however are only available in red. Again with the safety rope and marked out areas for your feet and back side providing you with a comfy design.

Our adult sledges are £7.99 each +VAT.

If you buy one of each you can race your kids down the slopes and see who really is the champion of the house.

Give us a call, we enjoy speaking to new and existing customers and want to offer the best possible deals for you as we possibly can.







Winter Tyre Grip (400ml)


(Click on the image above to be directed onto the product page)

We want you to discover the power and effectiveness of this winter product because it will come in handy with the snow and ice that we have been predicted to have over the next week. Purchasing a can for your car you have at your household may be a good idea to ensure your family are safe on the roads this winter.

It’s a perfect stocking present for those who are having to drive in the winter weather to go and see family over Christmas. You can ensure you get there with ‘Winter Tyre Grip’!


For a 400ml can you only have to pay £4.99 + VAT


Call us, fax us or email us now to order your very own 400ml can. People are stocking up fast and we don’t want you to be the one that misses out.


Telephone +44 (0) 1455 618608   Fax +44 (0)1455 618597   Email



Stay safe in the winter weather

Shovel & Salt in ice

The winter weather is fun right? You can have snowball fights, go sledging or make snowmen. However there are dangers that you need to be cautious of. Make sure you are prepared for the snow and ice with our ‘Shovel and Rock Salt’ offer and remember to stay safe on the roads.

Snow shovelRock salt bags











Our snow shovel (shown in the picture to the left) is a perfect product for removing snow and sluch from your driveways. It’s light, durable and sturdy with a long wooden, smooth handle for comfort when in use. The blade (actual shovel part) measures out as 30 x 42cm.

Our rock salt on the other hand is ideal for de-icing paths, driveways and steps. If you didn’t know, rock salt is used to disperse ice and provide a grit surface which improves vehicle tyre grips etc.

We have both bags of rock salt (shown above) in our stock however cannot determine which one we will have left when you order with us. Both bags contain the exact same quality rock salt product, we just have a difference of packaging in stock. 

We have picked our prices around you, our products will ensure you stay safe on the ice!


£3.99 each +VAT/p&p


£3.99 each +VAT/p&p

Telephone +44 (0) 1455 618608   Fax +44 (0) 1455 618597   Email

Our On-going Offer

Samson Black Sacks (tough)Medium Duty Black Refuse Sacks, a brand new product in our stock take and therefore we are providing you with our on-going offer!

samson black sacks front view crop

They may not be the strongest black sacks we have in stock but they are a reliable product and will always do the job they were designed to do, to keep your home, work place etc. waste free.

It’s hard to say no to this bargain with the price we’re selling a box of 200 sacks at!

Here at Subec Wiping Solutions, we are offering a box of 200 Medium Duty Black Refuse Sacks for:

£7.91 +VAT/+p&p

200 sacks is guaranteed to last you a long period of time therefore you buy 1 or more boxes with us now to save having to purchase them anywhere else for money money and less product.

We have plenty in stock so you can order as many boxes as you like and we will have them delivered to you on a next day delivery or within a few days.

Telephone +44 (0) 1455 618608   Fax +44 (0) 1455 618597   Email sales

Winter Car Care Bundle

This is the best deal you’ll see all winter, the whole bundle pack for just £9.99, great for saving a few pennies this winter…..
snowman winter car care

winter bundle good year gone

Subec Wiping Solutions are offering an amazing winter car deal at a very competitive price!

All the products you see in the image are included in this ‘Winter Car Care Bundle’:

  • Screen Wash (5LTR)
  • Anti-freeze (1LTR)
  • Winter Tyre Grip (250ml spray can)
  • De-icer (250ml spray bottle)
  • Ice scraper
  • Smiley Sun Air Freshener (faces and fragrances may vary)

We are offering all of this for just

snowman font £9.99

+ postal & packaging



Hurry, we only have limited stock so order with us now if you want to get your hands on this crazy offer!

Telephone +44(0)1455 618608   Fax +44(0)1455 618597   Email   

Beware of Weils disease

Subec Wiping Solutions Ltd provide a product called Fisherman’s Wipes (hygiene wipes) which protect anglers from Weils disease and other bacterial infections.

They’re non scented, extra strong and anti-bacterial.

Leptospirosis, commonly referred to as Weils disease, is a widespread bacterial disease that affects both humans and animals. Many different animals carry the bacterium that causes this disease such as cattle, pigs, horses, dogs, rodents and other wild animals.

Humans become infected through contact with water, food or soil containg the bacteria which has been distributed by the urine of the infected animal(s). The most common of which, as far as anglers are concerned, is the rat.

In order to stay clean around fishing areas you should purchase a tub of these wipes from us and get a special offer if you call 01455 618608. We provide a choice of 3 Weils disease products, check out the links and products images below:

Fisherman’s Wipes:


Go Wipe Weils disease non-abrasive: wipe grime


Go Wipe Weils disease abrasive: wipe grime plus

Instazorb, the SUPER absorbent!

Instantaneous: No waiting! Pour, sweep and discard.

Instazorb is the most advanced, extremely lightweight and easy to transport absorbent on the market.

With an astonishing 465% absorption power, spills are quickly and effectively removed when Instazorb is applied.

instazorb absorption power

Instazorb has 3 to 4 times the absorbing capacity of any close competition on the same market therefore a product you can 100% always rely on to clear up your mess.

1 bag of Instazorb is worth 2 bags of regular absorbents, plus it only weighs 5KG for 50 Litres of product.

We have plenty in stock here at Subec Wiping Solutions Ltd that is ready and waiting. Click on the link below to see the full product description on our website or click the Instazorb banner on the slideshow at the top of this page.

If you’ve liked what you have seen and want to know more, please call us on 01455 618608.


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